Friday, July 19, 2019

Purple Onion Designs - Storage and Stamping Tips Plus Anniversary Sale

Hi there! I have a lot to share with you today.  First of all, Purple Onion Designs is having an anniversary sale.  They are celebrating 16 years!  No code needed.  Just fill your cart to get the discounted price on all stamps.  

Next I want to talk about storage and stamping solutions for Purple Onion's unmounted red rubber stamps.  I store my POD unmounted red rubber stamps in clear 5x7 Iris storage containers.  You can get a 10 pack of these on Amazon for a very reasonable price right now - IRIS 5x7 storage containers.

I've grouped the stamps by collection except for sentiments.  I keep all the sentiment stamps together in one container.  By leaving the stamps unmounted, they take up much less room and I can fit entire collections in one storage container which I then label.

Now when the red rubber stamps are left unmounted, they will need something to make them cling to an acrylic block or stamping tool.  There's a very simple solution for this.... a solid clear stamp.  Purple Onion is now carrying two different sizes: a 4x6 clear stamp and a 6x6 clear stamp.  Pictured below is how I use mine.  I have been using the WRMK Precision Press Advanced stamping tool. You can buy extra stamping plates for this tool. I have an extra one that I just leave a 4x6 size clear stamp on so it's ready to use all the time. 

I should point out that these solid stamps can be taken off and put back on easily just like any other clear stamp.  It's not necessary to leave them on a stamping tool or acrylic block.  Just store them on the clear backer sheets and pull them out when needed.  With proper care they should last many years and can be used over and over. 

These clear stamps are very easy to cut down to a custom size for acrylic blocks or if you'd just like a smaller size. The red rubber clings well to these clear stamps as long as they are kept clean.  Every once in awhile wash them off with mild soap and warm water to ensure a strong cling.  

Here's two of my most recent POD cards and a linked list of stamps used for each.


  1. Thanks for the info on the new clear stamps.
    Your cards are wonderful...I particularly love the Congratulations one with the colorful flower frame. Well done!

  2. I just got the 4x6 stamp mount and I’m curious if you still store yours on the stamp positioner plate and how that has held up. I have an extra plate for my positioner and would love to leave it on there permanently. I’m afraid it will deteriorate if not stored between the plastic it came in. Would you still recommend that? Thanks for any feedback.


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